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How would a call the myFunc (PHP) from within the myJsFunc (JavaScript function)? Wouldnt I need to include the PHP file somehow in the .js file?Add the above code in .htaccess file and run php inside js files. DANGER: This will allow the client to potentially see the contents of your PHP files. Keep Coding. javascript, c, laravel, python-3.x, excel-vba.Like Wax said: First, remove useless html tags from JS file, your script must be: function showUser(str) [] Include this file into a .php file with: Call your function from show.js by Change php include path with javascript - Stack Overflow. Include multiple functions in a PHP file and call them through jquery. Im trying to load an php file through ajax using load(). Heres my code:. You need to "echo" the result.

php result. i moved both jquery. js and i want to include a php fie called top.php into my javascript code if it satisfy the condition.Its not possible to include php code in js file . The best way accroding to me is that. Do I echo and print it like normal html or include it outside of the php code? Or is it best to include it in a seperate file?Javascript is usually better kept in seperate files as it saves download times (browser caches the file). You could use PHP to generate the javascript either in a seperate file Would I need to "include" the .php file containing the PHP function in the .

js file? How would I do that?You need to understand the lifecycle of how PHP creates a web page including any JavaScript source code inside that page, and then JS starts running in the browser long after PHP Also pass this header(Content-type: text/javascript) on top of the php file. This is not right approach.When you run the Javascript code: outputEl.innerHTML It is merely outputting the text of the PHP script to the element and does not I have some javascript code in the most of my php files(different javascript code in each file but maybe some functions are also used in more thanHowever, you dont want to use the PHP include() function to make use of your scripts. In the head of your DOM, just use a script tag with a src attribute. .Why not? move the javascript code out of that php file to an external file, then you can include this external js file in any php or html files. Static files of JavaScript would survive most applications but sometimes the ability to include PHP code inside JavaScript scripts and generate the content of the script files on the fly by PHP is a better option. I have tried it using php ie include somefile.js in the header, however it doesnt work. I was wondering if theres a javascript way of doing it so the file could be called in between the javascript tags in the header. the js data I have to put in another file are a load ofvars.js. JAVASCRIPT Code PHP is perfectly capable of generating JavaScript code in-line, but have you thought about using it in an external JavaScript file?2 - Edit HTML to Include your External JavaScript/PHP File. Is there a way to include javascript code in a PHP file? I have the following code I want to embed in a php file, which was originally an HTML file :- < script language"JavaScript" type"text/javascript"> . Note that you cannot invoke a dynamic PHP page or CGI program with include file. You cannot include a PHP file within JavaScript in a Browser enviroment.For very simple problems, you can create JavaScript file dynamically at server side (using PHP) and delivery them to the client which will process the JS code generated, but you cannot do the opposit. Is is possible to include PHP code within a section of Javascript?Yes, its a .php file. The code I am using is in this format but doesnt seem to echo anything to the screen. PHP Arrays Multi PHP Date and Time PHP Include PHP File Handling PHP File Open/Read PHP File Create/Write PHP File Upload PHP CookiesA PHP file normally contains HTML tags, and some PHP scripting code.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and XML. Read More ». I need to use this value in some of my javascript files Up until now Ive been including my js files as .php, and putting the following code at the top of my js files, like so I am searching for possibility to include a javascript function into a php code. The code should get the results from the search php file and then print them out in form of a Javascript Playlist. This is the javascript code:

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