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See more of Irctc PNR Status on Facebook.Pnr Status can be checked on this page online. Just enter your 10-digit pnr number in our form and the current pnr status appear instantly. PNR Status. Indian Railways reservation systems are fully computerized for storing and managing travelling itenaryIn case of online booking of Train Ticket, if it is waitlisted then, your amount willIn the railway platform, there will be one or more self-operated machine for checking IRCTC PNR status. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation limited) provides a booking facility of rail tickets by online and offline. Here you can get information about IRCTC login, ticket availability reservation and PNR (Passenger Name Record) status. There are uncountable ways for knowing or collecting correct status of PNR. Like one can check about booking confirmation through mobile application, online portals, SMS, final reservation chart and ticket booking counter at railway station.IRCTC PNR status Check is helpful in sorting travel plans. This is Indias site where there people are always active booking tickets for travelling via train in all over india(where trains are available). Users oftenly visits this site for booking / reservation, inquiry, train information, and to check IRCTC PNR Status Online If we talk about Indian Railways or IRCTC, PNR is a 10 unique ten digit number assigned to every single ticket purchased through IRCTC Website or reservation counter.Check Railway PNR Status Online. Want to Check IRCTC PNR Status Online? Visit TravelKhana get Indian railways pnr status for your pnr checking to get an idea about confirmation against reservation. Traveling in India is mostly preferred by trains than any other means of transport due to the comfortability involved. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.The passengers are allotted a number known as " PNR" (Passenger Number Record) Pne Status, Check IRCTC PNR Status of any Indian Railways Ticket,Check Quick PNR Status Online, IRCTC PNR StatusHow IRCTC PNR Generates When You Book a Ticket ? Travel agent of CRS (Computer Reservation System) is responsible to generate your PNR number. PNR Status Best Solution for Indian Railway PNR Status Enquiry.Tickets can be booked both offline at Passenger Reservation System (PRS), the PNR status is present on the upper left-handE-Ticket: Digital ticket that you book online on IRCTC and also various other ticket-booking sites. Easiest and fastest way to Check IRCTC PNR Status Online.A) PNR number is abbreviated as Passenger Name Record number, it is a 10-digit unique number generated by Computer Reservation System (CRS) at the time of ticket reservation.

1) PNR status enquiry through online portals. There are many website which offer to deliver PNR status or your current reservation free of cost and Check your IRCTC PNR status on this website instantly. Check Your IRCTC PNR Status, Passenger Name Record (PNR) for Indian Railways, is a ten digit number identifying each Reserved ticket.How can I check PNR Status of Reservation? PNR status can be checked vis SMS, Phone Call or Online. Check PNR Status Check your Indian Railway ticket Online Mobile-friendly Website version - its conveniently Free Fast Online.PNR StatusRAC (Reservation against cancellation). — this status implies that at the moment you have half the seat in the car reserved.

Online PNR status check from South Central Railways(Indian railways) for complete rail pnr status.IRCTC pnr status can be checked here to get the status change alerts and predict your ticket confirmation chances.I want to know my pnr status in railway reservation ? PNR Status of Indian Railways online. IRCTC pnr status can be checked by entering the 10 digit passenger name record.These statuses stands for ticket confirmed, reservation against cancellation, general waiting list and cancelled. Apart from these there are less known statuses like IRCTC PNR Status, check Indian Railway PNR Status online. PNR is a short form of Passenger Name Record.The Reservation Ticket with WL means the passengers seat is not confirmed. To check the status of the Ticket is called PNR Status. You must keep this number safe to get information about your PNR status through different ways including online website, SMS, mobile application and reservation charts.IRCTC has launched the SMS services a few years ago to make the process of checking the PNR status easier. Passenger Name Record (PNR) Status. PNR is a record in the database of a Personal Computer reservation framework (CRS) that containsWhen passenger reserve a train ticket online, a 10-digit PNR number will be send by IRCTC to customers in mobile number, passengers must note that PNR Ticket reservation is not possible in passenger train hence PNR Status can not be seen.It is very easy to check your PNR status online through IRCTC PNR status. You can type your 10 digit PNR number in the form displayed in the site and just click Get PNR status button. Check PNR Status of Indian Railway train tickets online. Get Live IRCTC train PNR Status enquiry with PNR Predictor on - travel Meta search engine.You can also find it in the text message (sms) that is sent to your mobile number by IRCTC after you book a train reservation. IRCTC PNR Status Explained. Due to the online reservation system, traveling through Indian Railways became easy and affordable to common people. Railways also introduced PNR Number system to facilitate the passenger reservation status.It indicates the confirmed or waitlisted status of your ticket along with the coach and seat numbers. There are many ways of getting the PNR status including checking PNR status online on IRCTC site, by IRCTC refers to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. In terms of group bookings, a single PNR number can include a maximum of six passengers.4. Final reservation charts. 5. Other websites. PNR status and railway reservations explained step by step PNR is a set of 10 numbers which will be generated when the passenger books a train ticket via Online or Offline.With PNR Number, you can RESERVATION PNR STATE SMS. You can follow up the status of your train ticket. Please note that, we are not official IRCTC website. Quick IRCTC PNR Status check, less demanding than Indian Railways site.1. PNR status enquiry through online websites3. Current reservation status check using SMS Online Indian Railway or IRCTC PNR Status check was never so easy.No matter which state you have done your Indian Railway reservation you can check your Passenger Name Record Status Enquiry here, be it Southern Railway, Northern Railway, Western Railway, Eastern Railway, Central Check IRCTC/Railway PNR Status online! Best Website for PNR Status, Train Running Status, Route, Seat Availibility, Train Coach Position, Calcelled Rescheduled Trains Information.To check your current reservation status, enter 10-digit PNR Number and click Get PNR Status button. What is IRCTC PNR status ? PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. A unique 10-digit PNR is assigned to each railway reservation whether it is done online or by visiting a railway reservation counter. Check PNR status of your IRCTC and Indian railway tickets online using an assigned PNR number.You can check your ticket reservation status from our site by inserting PNR number and clicking on the "Get PNR Status" button. Check your IRCTC PNR status with train enquiry service, Register or Enter your PNR number and get an update of your Indian Railway PNR status.Confirm - If the current status shows CNF - the seat will be allotted after charting. RAC. Reservation Against Cancellation - passenger is allowed Enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status.Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation). RAC. Reservation Against Cancellation. WL . Waiting List Number. IRCTC Tourism App.Reservation Enquiries. PNR Enquiry.Policy for Online Handicraft Websites Promotion. But many of us dont know How to check PNR status online or offline. Irctc PNR status can be checked in many ways, through IRCTC site, on railway helpline orPNR full form is Passenger Name Record, it is basically a record in a database of Computer Reservation System (CRS), which carry PNR Status Wait list prediction of Indian Railways train tickets online. is highly reliable,fast and easy to use online portal to check PNR Status.This new current reservation status is generally known as PNR status. You can use the IRCTC to book your trips online. You will receive a ten digit number, called your PNR status that will allow you to check you railway reservation and even book additional features like a seat, a sleeper or choose a compartment with air conditioning. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the only official partner of Indian Railways that manages online ticket booking.Current Reservation Status Check Using SMS. Railway has launched SMS service for PNR enquiry to enhance customer satisfaction. To get actual Indian Railways (IRCTC) reservation status, you require to give or enter the 10 digit PNR No in the given box and can be checked your PNR Status.Finding your PNR status online is the easiest and simplest. Check Save Your PNR Status from Indian Railways PNR Status is for Travel Information Purpose only and is not associated with Indian Railways, IRCTC or Government of India in any manner. Enter 10-digit Indian Railway PNR no for IRCTC PNR Status check Online. Get Booking, Train PNR Status on Mobile, SMS.If you cant check the PNR Status through Online there is a facility to check the current reservation status using SMS. How to Check PNR Status, IRCTC PNR Status, Get Pnr enquiry Online So have you plan a trip with family to travel in all over the India if yes or have you This section tells you what a IRCTC PNR number is and how it is critical to learn the status of your trains reservation ticket.Passenger Name Record (PNR) number. PNR number is a unique 10-digit code, which is allotted for each ticket, either booked online or manually at railway ticket counters.Indian railways services information like check PNR status online, Train between the stations, live train status, Cancelled train information, Rescheduled train information, Train fare details, trains list, Trains from to information, Ticket reservation status, IRCTC ticket reservations, Super fast Check Railway PNR status online on Cleartrip.The number is not a totally random number. Its first three digits tell you about the Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System (PSR) from which the ticket has been booked. Indian Railways Reservation Enquiry, PNR Status, Running Status, Train Time Table, Train Route, Route Map.We can also find online about the Indian Railways IRCTC Timetable, PNR Status and Fare of ticket on official website of erail and irctc . PNR Status of Indian Railways. Check IRCTC pnr status by entering 10 digit pnr number. Quick way to check pnr status online.If confirm ticket is not available, Railway provides a ticket with RAC ( Reservation Against Cancellation) OR WL (Wait List) ticket.

Ways to check IRCTC PNR StatusYou can check PNR status online through a computer with an internet connectionYou can check through SMS serviceall available tickets of a train is sold, the IRCTC releases RAC tickets for railway reservations. pnr number on Indian Railways ticket. PNR stands for passenger name record and it tells you your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC ( reservationOnline via your PC. The easiest way to check your PNR status is to submit a request on our website www. or on official Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC .You can check the PNR Status of your reservation by entering the unique 10 digit number linked to your booking and clicking on Get PNR Status (no hyphen - required in typing the number). It also hosts a Centralized Database of Indian Railways Trains Stations, and provides crowd-sourced IRCTC Train Enquiry Services.PNR Status. Advanced Search. Please waitNEXT PAGE More PNR Entries. ARP (Advanced Reservation Period) Calculator.



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