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While many would consider Apple responsible for the podcast revolution—the name even comes from the companys portable audio player—its fair to say that the recent Podcasts app on iOS ( ) has met with a fair amount of scorn. Apple has released a stand-alone podcast app that gives users direct access to their podcasts without having to go through iTunes. The app is available on any iPhone, iPad and iTouch device that runs iOS 5.1 and higher. The report also mentioned that Apple is working on podcast producing technology which will likely be included in this app for users to create podcasts and share.iOS 6 to Bring National Emergency Alerts to iPhone, iPad, iPod touchMobile Technology. Lifehacker voted Downcast The Best Podcast Downloader and Player for iPhone, and fans of this app say it is far easier to use than Apples own Podcasts app. You need iOS 6.0 or later to use Downcast and take advantage of all of its features. Making it our favorite podcast app for iPhone iPad.After comparing it to the competition and using it extensively, Overcast is the podcasting app we recommend. Overcast is free on the iOS App Store as a universal app and comes with these features Apple on Tuesday officially unveiled its own dedicated podcast application for iOS devices dubbed Podcasts. Earlier this month, developers noticed that the podcast button was missing from iTunes in the iOS 6 beta, which hinted that this app was on the horizon. Following an observation that Apple had removed podcasts from the iTunes app in iOS 6, it now appears that theres a good reason for that: Apple is planning to release a new entirely separate podcast app when iOS 6 debuts this fall. Peter Kafka at AllThingsD reports that with iOS 6, Podcast will be its own appApple already launched a few standalone Universal apps for various types of media since the introduction of the iPad Few days back, it was rumored that Apple will release a new standalone Podcast app in iOS 6.Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and play your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. AllThingsD now reports that Apple will also be launching a standalone app for podcasts in iOS 6, giving them greater visibility while simplifying the iTunes app that has become home to an increasingly large number of content categories. Ios 6 Podcast App Help. You can play podcasts faster or slower, skip ahead, and jump back.

Use Siri to play back your podcasts. You can even set podcast playback to sleep. Notice that iOS8 has the podcast app installed by default ? My least favorite Apple app is Not really an app Apple today quietly released a standalone app for podcasts (iTunes), specialtyThe podcast section remains in the current version of iTunes for iOS, though a developer source says the feature is no longer a part of iTunes in the latest beta version of iOS 6, which went out to developers yesterday. Apples default podcast app leaves much to be desired, luckily there are a host of great alternatives in the App Store.iOS has its own stock Podcast app, but that only scratches the surface when it comes to functionality. Those of you who are using iOS 6 developer beta may have noticed the lack of a podcasts section within the iTunes and Music player apps within the OS. The speculations suggested that Apple will soon be releasing a separate app for podcasts. And it has. IOS users can now get their first taste of an iOS 6 feature, with the new Podcasts app from Apple. Until now, podcasts have been awkwardly stuck into the Music app, and while you could get new podcasts, it was only possible through the iTunes app. I thought that Apples iOS 6 announcements this week at WWDC 2012 were a bit disappointing.

According to the report, the company is going to be adding a separate app for podcasts. Unless youre running the app on an iPhone 5, its slow and frustrating to use on just about every other device, making it a major step backwards for iOS 6 users from listening to podcasts from the Music app. Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.People familiar with Apples plans tell me that when its new iOS 6 software becomes widely available this fall, podcasts will have their own app, where users will be able to discover, download and play them on mobile devices. While the recently-released iOS 6 beta 2 is only available to registered developers, it looks like Apple has decided to give all of us regular folk some new software to play with this week as well. The Cupertino firm just released a standalone podcast app in the App Store With iOS 8, Apple began bundling its own Podcasts app with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Podcasting is very particular so depending on how you consume your on-demand audio, you may be left perusing the overwhelming selection available on the App Store. Unfortunately, it appears that OS X users will still have to interact with iTunes in order to manage podcasts.It is likely that we will not see this podcast app appear in any beta of iOS 6, since Apple usually likes to reserve a few features to announce at launch. Though not revealed this past week at WWDC 2012, Apple may well be pushing a Podcasts app in its final build of iOS 6 for all the mobile devices itsApple iOS 6 Beta download links go live. The Three iOS 6 Gems Android Needs to Steal. Apple details iOS 6 limits: no FaceTime 3G for iPhone 3GS/4. You can now listen not only to your favorite podcast episodes but also to celebrities, public broadcasters and even independent broadcasters with these apps. Here is a list of the current most popular best free podcast app for iOS MP4 MP3. How to Use the Apple Podcast App Duration: 3:57.Play. MP4 MP3. How to Re-enable Podcasts in iOS 6 Duration: 3:31. 2 Ways to Listen to Podcasts with Music App Again in iOS 6. I had big problems upgrading to IOS 6. I was baffled by the iOS podcasts app as to how to move to a different part of the.Apples proprietary podcast app for iOS. Yep,after updating my new iPhone 6 my podcast app crashes after opening it. Or, when listening to an episode in the Music application, a link to the iTunes app offers users the ability to download more episodes. While podcasts will apparently be found in a separate application in iOS 6, Apple reportedly has no plans to make such a change in the desktop version of Apple reportedly working on a dedicated Podcast app. When Apple announced their latest smartphone operating system, iOS 6, a few major changes were missed from the keynote announcement. Apple releases a Podcast app for iOS devices.It was only last week that we talked about the rumor of a dedicated Podcast app from Apple, and now we have it. We thought we might have to wait for iOS 6, but Christmas has come early for Podcast and iOS users. Cant wait for the inevitable release of iOS 6 to get an Apple-sanctioned standalone podcast app of your own?The iPhone / iPad-friendly app is designed as a repository for the manner of pre-recorded talk radio-killing entertainment that Cupertino inadvertently helped name. Finally, Apples Podcast app is usable. I lamented over the fact that there was no iCloud subscription syncing included with the initial release, but it looks like Apple has acknowledged this glaring hole, and fixed it up just in time for iOS 6. My point is simply this: iOS 6 is beta software and as such, stuff released by Apple for the masses may not work with beta releases of future versions of iOS.Hi guys, Im running ios6 beta 2 and the podcast app works fine. No crashing to note. Loaded with casts. Reports on Friday suggest that Apple may be about to give Podcasts their own application within the forthcoming iOS 6 software. Although there was no mention of this at Mondays preview at WWDC, AllThingsD reckons audio shows will get their own spot on the iOS 6 homescreen. Apple has released iOS 6 to the general public today alongside a major OS X Mountain Lion update and now, the official Podcasts app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has also received an update to support the latest iOS release. After applying the latest iOS update and rebooting their devices, many users came to find that Podcasts, Apples proprietary podcast app for iOS, was no longer working. iOS: Apple released a new app today for managing your podcasts.iOS podcast support has always been pretty crappy, which is why we recommend using Downcast to manage your podcasts. According to their report, Apple will have their own podcast app so that you wont need any third party alternative.We will see this fall, but little indications are there in iOS 6, and it sure makes sense. Following the release of iOS 6 today, its no surprise that Apple has also released a succession of updates for its iOS apps, inApart from that, the following major improvements have been added to iPhoto, Podcasts, iTunes U, GarageBand, iMovie, Cards, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone It is rumored that Apple ios 6 will have a Podcasts application.Like iTune U, and iBook Author app they have already been split apart from iTune. It seems Apple is trying to make use iTune just a little easier for their users. Hi, I have an iPhone 3GS running on ios 6.1.3 and the other day i tried to download a podcast, which you cant do without the podcast app.Is there any way to download podcasts without the app directly from the phone, does apple have any plans to make the podcast app available for ios 6 This time it still advised that I needed IOS 7, however it also gave me an option to download a version compatible with IOS 6. So, the bottom line here is that Podcasts has a compatible version for IOS 6 in App Store, but Apple does not advert this to users (unless you already have it installed on your iPod) Published on Jun 26, 2012. Apple Podcasts Application Demo iOS 6Podcasts will longer be a part of the Music application on iOS and has now received its own dedicated application. The Podcasts application can be downloaded from the app store starting today. iOS 6 is the sixth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc, being the successor to iOS 5. It was announced at the companys Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11, 2012, and was released on September 19, 2012. Apple may well be pushing a Podcasts app in its final build of iOS 6 for Apple plans Podcast App for iOS 6 6 compatibility Apple iOS 6 Beta download Jun 15, 2012 to be found in the latest beta version of iTunes for iOS 6 Apple has released a standalone podcast app that provides one-stop access to the podcasts currently available via iTunes. The app, accessible on devices running iOS 5.1 and higher, includes "hundreds of thousands" of podcasts in 40 languages, Apple said. Apple updates Podcasts app with iCloud subscription sync, iOS 6 support and more. by Matthew Panzarino — in Apple.Read next: Apple updates Find My Friends with location-based alerts, iTunes Movie Trailers for iOS 6. Earlier this month, it was rumored that Apple will be launching a standalone podcast app in iOS 6. Turns out, instead of waiting for the next version of iOS, Apple has released a brand new Podcasts app on the App StoreApple has highlighted the full list of features in the Podcasts application Wearing Apples iconic purple colors in its icon, Apple podcasts app centralizes the podcast player and podcast section of the iTunes Store in a standalone application. Able to playback audio and video podcasts, Podcasts continues the Apples own Podcasts app got off to a rough start and isnt the best choice. But for years now, outside developers have been filling the gap and producing stellar podcast apps with a ton of usefulThere are dozens of podcasts apps to choose on iOS, and whittling down the list can be difficult. Whats up guys its CJ bring you another app review. This app is my most used app on my iphone because it is the best way to listin to podcasts.

Free Apps Reviews for iOS Android. That prompted quite a bit of speculation that each of those content types would get their own standalone app when the update launched, and now Apple has seemingly confirmed those inklings by releasing a new Podcasts app for iDevices running iOS 5.1 or later.



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