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Well, before you run to your local Wally World for a brand spanking new Ouija Board (or you can check your grandparents spooky attic) lets talk about safety and proper use. What Youll Need When Using a Ouija Board. Please consider everything you have read above before ever contemplating the notion of using a Ouija Board. We here at GhostStudy receive letters way to often from those that are in a crisis because of dabbling into such practices. Ask the spirit world or God - however you want to put it - for protection BEFORE you do it.Pretty much the Japanese version of a Ouija boards. Im assuming the same rules apply but with the fact that the coin in use MUST be spent within a certain amount of time after the ritual. Never use the Ouija board when you are ill or in weekend condition because this makes you more vulnerable to possession.You dont have to get rid of it after your session,id recomend cleansing it tho before using , set a coin/crystal or something on the board to keep away the bad spirits and cast I have tried to use the Ouija board multiple times since then, but have havent had the same results as we did that night.My friends mother and two other girls (who graduated years before me) were sitting at the table with an Ouija board. This wasnt one of those Milton Bradley boards you buy in a If you ever use a Ouija board, you should read this page before you start your session-it can help you a lot. If I may ask a question, why do you want to use an Ouija board?NOTE: Please Read Before Commenting. No profanity, foul, abusive, or insulting language. Comments must be written in English. Well I have never used a ouija board before but I have had paranormal activity. One day me and my friend was in the bathroom at our school. We were in the stalls all alone when the lights shut off, doors slammed shut on the other stall doors, low dryers went on and the sink turned on. Firstly, what is a ouija board? An old Ouija board from 1894 Public Domain image.1.

Dont use the board in your own home. Arrange to meet at an agreed location. 2. Before you begin, ensure that all participants are serious and respectful. Do witches use Ouija boards? Ouijas are non-denominational. Anyone can use a Ouija board. Im a Wiccan, a witch-practitioner.Should I light candles before using a Ouija Board? We are all for the proper atmosphere. Dress in black too, but remember to observe proper fire precautions. As we said before, learning to use a Ouija board takes practice and it can be awkward at first. Often times people will assume that the other is moving the planchette. Dont let an argument break out during the session. At first you wonder, then you get curious and at some point, you may even get the heebie-jeebies before you tell yourself, No way, its not true.How to Use a Ouija Board. Some general rules weve found useful are You need to know the basics of ouija boards before even attempting a seance.To use a ouija board, you begin by placing the planchette (pointer) on the board.

The board should be placed where its comfortable to use, usually on a table. How about the Ouija board?" I had always found Ouija boards fascinating. Id played with one before, but it hadnt been a particularly exciting experience.Dont use the Ouija board. And if you do, research the dos and donts (something we clearly did not do). But really, I advise you stay away Personally, I have used a Ouija Board with other people before multiple times, but I have always been skeptical about whether or not I would be able to use it by myself. I only tried that once at a haunted cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Before you use your Ouija Board, Google Ouija Board stories and read a few, just to be sure you want to dabble with the "other side." Important Note: Ouija boards have a reputation for being two-way portals to other realms. When using a board OUIJA BOARD -Do it at your own risk!- Have you ever wondered how to use or even create a simple ouija board? First of all an Ouija Board is any flat surface that can be printed with the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers ranging from 0 to 9, aAnd before you can think of looking at it, its gone. Ouija Boards: 13 Surprising Facts You Never Knew Before.It involved using a sieve with ashes to spell out the characters seemingly given to a pair of users from the beyond, according to reports from Nanzan University. Ive used the Ouija board before and trust me it was a creepy experience. It literally told me and my sister to kill my nephew (her son).Just out of my curiosity, how did the manufacturer of ouiji board add magical power to the board ? How to use a Ouija board. Halloween or Samhain is the ideal time to contact the dead, as the veil between worlds is said to be thinner.Have the group hold hands and visualise your sphere defence crumbling before you pack up the board this will redistribute the energy. Top 5 Creepiest Ouija Boards Facts - Duration: 5:58. WatchMojo.com 531,079 views.(siri followed us!) DONT USE A SIRI DOLL AT 3 AM | THIS IS WHY (WE SAW SIRI IN REAL LIFE) - Duration: 24:25. The Ouija board is one of the more modern forms of the ancient art of channeling, divination and talking to spirits. Some people consider the OuijaThe board is a tool in that it simply is what you use to help yourself become receptive to the messages that spirits are sending through your subconscious. Before the Ouija board, spirit mediums used, among other things, a dial plate talking board, which had a letter indicator joined by a spindle to the center of the board. This rotated to pick different letters. Me and three mates sat in a room with a Ouija board and played the game."What is your name, if I may ask" I asked, the glass slowly spells out C-H-R-I-S-T-O-P-H-E-R, he was an old family friend that passed away 3 years before I was born. roxanne sandavol Jul 11, 2013, 6:37 am. Im really scared right know I dont know what to do with my Ouija Board.I want to use a Ouija board. Dont really expect much, but Id like to give it a shot. Any cautions, warnings, suggestions before I go ahead with this? But Ouija board use can become a problem if you open a door and let the flies in while youre trying to let in your guides.So I would urge extreme caution before using the Ouija board to talk to your guides. 5 Creepy Things You NEED To Know Before Using a Ouija Board - Duration: 8:47.Paranormalana Reupload - How To Use a Ouija Board Alone (or With Someone) - Duration: 5:28. The popularity of talking boards, and their use as a tool to exploit grieving war families, meant scientists actually started studying the ideomotor effect in the midcentury, well before Ouija boards and planchettes were patented in 1890. Never: Never use alcohol or drugs before using a ouija board. These are already loaded with entities (which is what causes personality changes) and will open your energy field up to low-level entities and beings. i will show you how to make an ouija board, a ouija board is a.ok i have a question well i have two. i wanted to contact my nana who commited suicide back in 2006 could i do that and two the woman who lived in the house i live in before me died and she use to love this house and i honestly 5 Important Ouija Board Rules to remember for your next Ouija Board Session. These Ouija Board Rules are the keys to contact with Ghosts, and Demons.Fuld believed that great care should be taken when using the Ouija board and asking questions to it. Ouija Board Retrial. Stephen Young was tried in 1994 for the double murder of newly weds found shot to death in their cottage in Wadworth, East Sussex. The night before the jury gave their verdict, several drunken jurors used a board and an upturned wine glass to consult his victims. Well the fact still stands that the ouija board works and that there are alot of users out there practicing this without having an idea what to do.hello , my name is kailee and my friend that lives in montana has done a ouija board a couple times before and says it is ok too use one as long as you are But the rule in question here is perhaps the most important one of all: make sure the planchette hits Goodbye before ending your session.Your fate, from the moment you use a Ouija board, is bound to the other side. They had known eachother for a while before he had asked what happened. What she told him was this: "I had gone over to my friends for a party when I was a teenager.I believe that if you believe in something hard enough, it can come to pass.

Nothing happens when you use a Ouija board Alafair: You know, my grandma taught me to use the Ouija board when I was a girl, and what she did was throw salt around it to keep the Devil away. She was a Christian, and Im a Pagan, but those old habits die hard. I still throw a handful of salt around the room before I start. Never use a Ouija Board if you are depressed, stressed, angry, upset, bored, furious, sad, scared, afraid, shocked, overconfident, or drowsy as you could let aI made one before but be careful you sometimes regret it. One time i was talking to the ouija board and i said " who am i speaking with?". The following real-life experiences shared by Ouija users may make you think twice before you get that board out of your attic.I have a terrifying story about an ouija board. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an ouija in their basement. What Is An Ouija Board? The Ouija board made its first appearance in the year 1890s, a time when Americans were obsessed with spirituality, and the hippie movement was going strong.(Image Courtesy: Cult of Weird). How To Use An Ouija Board? "Never use a Ouija board alone!" This is a statement spoken with the foreboding of impending disaster in horror movies and it is usually followed by a series of dreadful events involving demonic possession, headThis is why you may have to work with it for some time before you begin to see results. I told my other friend at the party I used a ouija board. There was one problem all my friends were against the ouija board.When I got home I stayed up for an extra half-hour before I had to go to bed. That night when everyone in my house was sleeping I started hearing tapping noises on the walls. Hi. Im Dave. Dave the Ouija board. Finished? Theres usually some sort of response at this point. Swearing. Laughter. General disbelief. Dont worry, Im used to it. Just let me know when youre done. It used to confuse me, that response INSANE OUIJA BOARD INSIDE HAUNTED PRISON (you wont believe what happened).Do not play with a ouija board! This is why 12 Views. Using the Spirit Board around midnight seems to create a stronger connection to the spirit realm. You can use the Spirit Board (Ouiji Board) on a table, or you can sitAs far as protection goes, if you are a Wiccan you will want to cast a circle before using the Ouija board, and naturally close it afterwards. Moreover, it is also considered to have been used as a form of divination by the Greeks before the time of Christ. However, the modern Ouija board used for scrying, is a combination of two tools, one which is a wheel made of letters of alphabets and second is a glass Ouija Board Rule 1: Protect Yourself Psychically. If youre taking this seriously, as an intuitive, always ground yourself before each use of the board.Unless you have a high amount of controlled energy, its best if you use the Ouija board with a group. Im on a sort of spiritual journey and Im exploring the idea of using a Ouija board as my next step.Okay, I am neither a spiritualist nor a paranormal expert in any way, but before you play around with the Ouija board, Id highly recommend reading the book The demonologist which documents Ouija Board Instructions Do Ouija boards really work? An ouija board can be a useful spiritual tool to glean information from the spirit realm.Ouija Board suggestions: Wipe your board clean with a soft cloth and furniture polish (we recommend Pledge) before each use. Whether you believe in the powers of the talking board or not, here are some things to take into consideration before you put your fingers on that planchette.By using the Ouija board and inviting spirits, good or bad, into your home, you are opening yourself up to possession by these spirits. Follow the original guidelines for using a Ouija board.The questioners should warm up the board before asking a question by moving the planchette from side to side, across the board and then letting it guide to the answer once a question is made.



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