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According to a thread on XDA-Developers, a user by the name of mike1986 has identified that theres a problem in the way HTCs latest toys Tegra 3 chip manages its power reserves, and released an unofficial patch that fixes it.Our biggest criticism of the HTC One X was the dodgy battery life. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. If you had read our review of the HTC One X, something you might have noticed is the battery life issues, where the One X doesnt seem to have a strong and long lasting battery. Unless youre seriously hindered by your phones battery life, however, it seems safe to wait for an official update from HTC.Can legislation fix gamings loot box problem? Its time to decide the difference between loot boxes and gambling, if there is one. Battery Charging Practices. Its quite important for HTC One X users to understand how frequent is he charging the phone. Remember, wrong practices of charging battery might have greater impact on the overall batteries health life cycle. 8. Battery life. 9. Conclusion. HTC One X specification. Review comments (672).Talk time. Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III 10:20. HTC One X 9:57.

The two flagships were less convincing in the browser endurance test. I was thinking about returning it straight away til today I read somewhere that some users reported that the HTC app (the one with the ridiculously large time tile on the home screen) has been the cause of problems. So I deleted it.

And I can say that the battery life has improved SIGNIFICANTLY since I Some bad battery life issues are based on the types of apps that are being used or Android software bugs that need to be fixed. The following will explain several ways to help fix a bad battery life on a HTC One A9. Reboot or Reset HTC One A9. Does anyone also endure poor battery life with your HTC One X?HTC One S battery problems after OTA JB Hi all I updated my One S to Jelly Bean last night and since then the battery life has been terrible. HTC has launched a new flagship Android device, the HTC One X, which is basically a refresh (albeit quite a thorough one) of its powerful HTC One X device.Try a 1.7 GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 64GB of internal storage and a 2,100 mAh battery. The extremely poor battery life issue was intermittent and odd, Ill wait and see what happens with this ROM.I have been having the same problem, i noticed that the battery was lasting about 4 hours.« HTC One X back to stock | Border of the screen not responding to touch - Can I move the home 2) Reduce the Screen out Time and Brightness: The screen on the HTC One X is a thing of beauty and in admiring this beauty we may well wish to keep it on for the rest of ever. However, having high screen out times like 5 minutes can really be destructive to your battery cause. Apr 13 AT 5:24 PM Nick Gray 26 Comments. HTC One X battery life boosted 10-20 with unofficial Tegra 3 power management fix.I dont mean to know down this developers work. I have a Samsung phone and I have GPS issues, many others do not. One phones problem, may not be another Hi, Thanks for the video. I manage to change the video. But i have 1 problem now. My device has no sound. What can i do?Get Better Battery Life On The HTC One X And Other Android Phones Uoobe Vid. So, it is very appropriate to consider htc one x battery life problems as your reading material. Depending on the needs, this book also features the willingness of many people to make changes. Dear HTC, please improve the battery life of the One X. I get 8 10 hours and its dead before I go to bed at night. Thank you.hey john! the htc one x battery is unremovable but if i had any problem with the battery i quit the phoneright? then it is a big problem na? Home. Similar Sites. Htc One X Battery Life, phone, batteries, mobile phone batteries, battery. Alexa Rank: 9,152,687 Google PR: 0 of 10 Daily Visits: 62 Website Value: 446 USD. This is what your teacher always manoeuvres you to do this one. Yeah, reading is the answer. Reading a book as this htc one x battery life problems and other references can enrich your life quality. Replacing the battery of this phone is not an easy procedure. We will guide you on how to disassemble the phone and replace the battery. The video manual is for LCD Display Touch screen replacing, but you can follow it until the moment when we separate the main board battery from the LCD frame. Poor Battery Life Problem on HTC 10 The battery life of HTC 10 is pretty average, meaning that it should be able to keep you for the whole day. No matter what new smartphone you get these days, they always seem to suffer from the same issue, and that is less than impressive battery life. The new HTC One is the same, because some owners have already complained the battery life is not that impressive because it drains quickly. Havent tried aokp, cm10 or miui due to the pretty horrific battery life on the arc with them. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2.I understand a lot of the problems are being caused by the phone not going into deep sleep. One of the ones I pinned it down to was if you go into Maps and check the The problem arose with the HTC One M8 battery life not because it was not up to the task that it was advertised for but because its competitors were using 3000mAh batteries while it was still stuck with sub 3000mAhs. How to test HTC One X battery life? Charge battery until 100 fully charged. Put HTC One X in Airplane mode (Press and hold power button for 3 seconds and select Airplane mode). HTC One X Battery Life: Statistics, Battery Review Thoughts - Duration: 6:47.HTC One X - Overheating / Heat Problems ? The HTC One S is one of the most fast and powerful smartphone devices on the market, being only surpassed by the HTC One S and Galaxy S3 at the moment. It sports a 1.5Ghz Krait processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, a 960 x 540 4.3-inch Super Amoled display, an 8MP camera, and a 1 Why should be htc one x battery life problems?It will of course help you to find the book easily. When you really need the book with the same topic, why dont you take htc one x battery life problems now and here? Increased battery life witnessed on One X after minor tweak. The fact that the HTC One X is a gorgeous handset is simply undeniable. So far, this flagship model from HTC has been one of the highlights of 2012 so far as. If you are being in the long waiting lists, this is also the perfect time to read or even being on an enjoyable trip. htc one x battery life problems can be a good friend of course this simple book will perform as good as you think about. 9. Battery life and connectivity. 10. Maps and apps.One of the biggest criticisms we had with the original HTC One X was its poor battery life, which is why the HTC One X has received a boost in that department, with the power pack up from 1,800mAh to 2,100mAh. Home > HTC 10 Repair > HTC 10 Battery Life Problems?What areas do you cover? We cover the whole of the UK. Im having problems with checkout, what can I do? Please call 0208 5000 308 to make a booking. I have HTC one X android phone. I have a problem regarding my phone battery.To increase your battery life you must follow certain steps given belowRemoval HTC One X Battery Problem HTC One Battery Life Comparison Battery Life HTC One Review HTCHTC One Battery Life Tests Go Live. 600 x 484 jpeg 36kB. One Max battery life test: the luxury of having a 200 x 200 jpeg 13kB. And 1800 mAh battery capacity in HTC One X is not enough for heavy usage. So how to improve HTC One X battery life?My sis is using Digi data plan on galaxy note and she does not face this problem. Information about the battery capacity and battery life of the HTC One X .HTC One X - Battery. Width Height Thickness Weight Write a review. Specifications Display Camera CPU Battery SAR. But HTC One X battery life is not that impressive, though it has 1800 mAh battery.To fix this problem follow this guide in XDA forum and you will get around 20 more battery life from your mobile. HTC claims to have improved the One M8s battery life by 40 over its predecessor, but there is always room for improvement. Our phones are pretty much glued to the front of our faces, whether were drafting important emails or killing time on YouTube, and a rapidly draining battery is a bummer. Users have same problem Why is my HTC One X9 battery dying so fast ?Normally, the life time of a battery is 1 or 2 years. After that you have to replace it.But if you are getting battery low message even after replacing it, then thats what I am going to bring you through this post. The popular HTC One X has received praise from reviewers and users alike. But if there is one thing that a lot of people are having a problem with on the phone is with its battery life. Luckily, there now seems to be a fix to this problem. The HTC 10 is a great phone and users love the looks and performance of the phone. But one of the things that many users have experienced is poor battery life. Let us look at some of the reasons and solutions for fixing this problem. Battery life can be increased on the HTC One X by simply following a few rules and staying on top of some of the features that arent needed. One of the most useful things to remember is closing the camera and video resources when not in use.

Nothing wrong with the phone. Getting hot, just not a problem with hardware. I can solve the overheating problem just like that.Is less than 2 hours of battery life normal for Galaxy S2 with. 2. CyanogenMod HTC One X cant boot. I have a problem with the battery life. when I updete my One x to android 4.2.2 after this battery getting down very quickly. how canHome Forums Channels Android Devices HTC One X. General HTC One X Battery Drainage Problem So here, by reading htc one x battery life problems, you can take more advantages with limited budget.Not only in this country, had the presence of this htc one x battery life problems really spread around the world. What is the news about HTC One battery problems? How do I unlock my HTC One X for free? Will the HTC 11 have a removable battery?Related Questions. Is there a magic trick to improve battery life on HTC One X? Is anyone else having problems with the battery life on an HTC phone. I gave it a full charge overnight and within 20 minutes it was down to 60 battery life left. I turned the phone off and it completely drained down. Part 3: Tips to Extend HTC Battery Life. Part 1: Possible Causes of HTC One Battery Problems. There can be plenty of reasons behind an HTC battery or overheating issue. All HTC One X Problems rolled into one, including screen, battery and Wi-Fi issues.Users and even journalists who were sent review samples of the HTC One X reported problems with battery life the result of a problem with the GPS chip, according to reports. Part 1: Possible Causes of HTC One Battery Problems.Additionally, if you are not using an authentic charger or adapter to charge your HTC phone, then it might shorten the battery life of your phone as well. Submit. just now. Htc One X Battery Life.We are experiencing some problems, please try again. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG. By having book to read, you have tried to connect your life to be better. It will encourage your quality not only for your life but also people around you. The htc one x battery life problems that we provide for you will be ultimate to give preference.



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